Bingo sites love to offer you some of the greatest bonuses and treats that they possibly can, but whilst one site offers a 100% cash match welcome bonus another one offers 150%. Where one site offers a free no deposit £5 to reel you in, another offers £10 or £15! Online bingo is a very competitive game and not just for you bingo lovers – all sites love to try and out-do each other to win your attention by offering bigger and better deals on a more frequent basis. So with such a load of excellent bingo sites all offering massive treats and reasons to join, how in the world do you pick the very best one? The answer is simple: bingo site reviews!
That’s right – a good bingo site review offers potential players the chance to get a good feel of the sites before they even have to click on the site itself. We here at ‘Where to Play Bingo’ dedicated a lot of time and effort to bringing you correct and concise bingo reviews so that you can gather all the information you need about one particular site, compare it to reviews of other bingo sites and decide which one you fancy taking the next step with. Of course you could always head off to an online bingo site and decide for yourself whether or not you want to join but the only way to know for sure is to lay the games, and not all bingo sites offer a free no deposit bonus! Unless you want to have to splash your very own cash at every site that takes your fancy, you need a site like us to tell you all about them!

Before we even construct a bingo site review, we first have to decide whether or not we think the site is good enough for you lot in the first place! We don’t just lead you to any old bingo site – we have a reputation to uphold! We only want to have you joining the cream of the crop, which is why this is precisely what you will find when you peruse our pages! So what do WE look for before we construct our review?

•Bingo Bonuses – we would never have you joining a site that doesn’t offer a fantastic bunch of bonuses! Whether it’s a top no deposit bonus or a smashing cash match welcome bonus, we know that the best online bingo sites offer bonuses. No bonuses, no go!

•Excellent Games – of course there is no point in scooping epic bonuses if the bingo sites don’t have terrific games collection for you to actually splash your cash on! This is why we offer only the sites with awesome games, too.

•Jackpots – similarly, we wouldn’t direct you to a site that didn’t offer smashing jackpots – after all, that’s what online bingo is all about!

•Regular Promotions – there is nothing worse than heading to bingo sites and seeing the same old promotions or – worse still – out of date promotions! This is why we make sure that a bingo site offers a terrific bunch of regularly refreshed treats before we even think about creating bingo site reviews!

Once we have a site that meets all of these tough credentials, only then will we create bingo site reviews just for you to have a good look at what you can expect, with a view that you make an educated decision about the site you wish to join!