Cheers Bingo

Cheers Bingo is a really site that first came into our lives toward the end of 2012 and just in time for the party season. The tagline for the site is ‘Join the Celebration!’, and that is exactly what you can expect from the moment you have registered.

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Let the Bonus Party Commence
First things first, deposit just £10 with Cheers Bingo and you will be rewarded with a 200% welcome bonus that is definitely worth celebrating. On top of your original tenner you will have an extra bingo bonus of £20 to cheer about, adding to give a total of £30. Also, because you deposited £10 you will also get a free turn on Spin the Wheel. Just one spin on this game could result in a bonus reward within the range of £5 to £2,500. Deposits can be made with major credits cards like VISA and MasterCard.

Plenty of Party Games
Cheers Bingo is on the 15 Network, so that means you can find plenty of 75-ball and 90-ball bingo to celebrate with. The site has dedicated tabs within its Bingo Lobby for both of these games, making them a breeze to find. In 90-ball you’ve got four rooms which include Lucky Stars, Glitz & Glam, Cash Cloud and Free Bingo, and in 75-ball you’ve got two rooms which include Golden Balls and magic Money. There is also a tab for when special rooms are required for unique prize games and there is another for daily, weekly and monthly bingo jackpots. In all, you can find six regular jackpot rooms when you play at

Daily Dosh – £25
Tuesday Treats – £100
Rise N’ Shine – £100
Friday Fever – £150
Pay Day – £1,000
VIP Jackpot – £500
Celebrate in an Instant
Cheers Bingo has some of the hottest instant games available on the 15 Network. When it comes to slot games the site can offer you Vampires vs. Werewolves, Monkey Love and Wild Mummy. Alternatively you could play the online scratch cards and decide to go on a Hot Streak! There are also table games for when you would like to relax with Roulette or bet on Blackjack.

Promotions to Cheers For
The bingo promotions are all network ones but still rather amazing. Cheers Bingo will get specials every month to add to promos like Friday Night Takeaway, in which you can win £50 for a takeaway. Top Slots Squad is must-play for any online slots lovers because is up to £50 to win. Team Bingo is a good way of getting together and enjoying the company of fellow roomies.

Red Bus Bingo has a style that immediately gets you thinking about London and its red double-decker buses. Like its neighbour sites that are also part of the same network – Joy of Bingo – Red Bus Bingo is another that has been developed to look visually impressive. To see the site visuals looking even better, all you need to do is register an account and log in and then play bingo online.

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Lots of Games to Play
The bingo lobby is the red bus itself, with passengers and all of the different rooms and games displayed. The whole bus will take most of your screen and will also show a city in the background. When it comes to bingo rooms, there are 21 that you can count to be there. On top of that there will be an extra couple here or there for the special games that get arranged. Simply go to the ‘Specials’ section of the bus if you would like to see what is coming soon. Red Bus Bingo currently provides 75 and 90 ball bingo games, with the jackpots varying between guaranteed, coverall, sliding and progressives.

Win in an Instant
RedBus Bingo keeps all of its progressive jackpot instants within the ‘Progressive Games’ section. On top of these there are another eight instant games to play. The selection is not greatly impressive, but there are some that you can win big on – for instance, Red Bus Bingo’s very own progressive slot game.

Play the Red Bus scratch card and you can receive a welcome bonus worth as much as 2000%. Also, invite your friends to join and you will get 15,000 Joy Points for each that deposits and wagers at least £5. Joy Points can help you improve position in the loyalty scheme and unlock new benefits.

Promo Offers
RedBusBingo gives players access to free bingo, team bingo, instant games tourneys and special prize games. Jackpot hunters will be most tempted by the range of pre-buy games, with some of these able to let you play for up to £500 guaranteed. The pick of the pre-buys games are £1m Big Ben Bonanza, £500 Treasure Chest and £300 Supercharge Sunday. The Joy Gem VIP Club is a network one and it is possible to use your point across all sites on the Joy of Bingo network.

Tasty Bingo

Tasty Bingo really is the complete dish, with it all starting from the slick layout and cartoon graphics developed for the nifty homepage. You can’t help but notice that a lot of work has gone into the visual side of things, but at the same time the site has lots of good things going for it as well as this. You can expect bonus funds on arrival and plenty of entertainment when playing bingo online there.

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The Welcome Meal
On your very first meal at, you can deposit £10 and then play with £40 after getting lots of bonus funds stacked liberally on top. The way it works is that the £10 deposit will lead to the 200% welcome bonus being activated. After that the site will give you £10 of bonus bingo funds completely free as an extra treat.

Great Gaming Entertainment
What initially impresses about Tasty Bingo is that just as much effort has gone into making its software look great. The entire cartoon style has been kept up, which really is great. However, what trumps this is that there are an impressive 14 online bingo rooms to potentially plan, but you will need to be a VIP and some of them only open once a week for a single game. Nevertheless, there is a lot to enjoy when it comes to gaming at Tasty Bingo. In terms of bingo, the site gives you 75 and 90 ball and then attempts to diversify with instant games. The jackpots are can be guaranteed, coverall, sliding or progressive when you play here.

Promotional Variety
The promotions are mostly divided up among freebies, instant games, pre-buys and specials. Much as you would expect, freebies give you access to free bingo and then instant games promotions are usually tourneys or wagering challenges. The pre-buys are the games with regular bingo jackpots that you can expect to find. These will become your staples at the site and a great source of entertainment. Specials are the one-off promotional opportunities that will only arise from time to time. In the long-term you earn Joy Points in the loyalty scheme and prove yourself to be a dedicated player. Long-term players are all rewarded well with special bonuses and other treats at TastyBingo.

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo has carved out an impressive nice as a nice but rather naughty bingo site. All of the sites on the Joy of Bingo Network have been created with a clear brand image in mind, with Wink Bingo’s being perhaps the most impressive. In every area of the site there are flirty and playful aspects intended to get you interacting.

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Wink at the Bonuses
Wink Bingo is positively brimming with bingo bonus funds, with the most being available when you first register. New players to are encouraged to deposit £10 in order to claim a welcome package deal that will see them start wagering with £45. Firstly, Wink applies a 200% welcome bonus to the £10 deposit to bring it up to £30. Secondly, because the deposit was worth £10, Wink will then provide you with a free turn on Spin the Wheel. On Spin the Wheel you are guaranteed to earn at least a £15 bonus, so that’s what brings the £30 up to £45.

Wink at More Bonuses
As a Wink player you will be presented with Joy of Bingo codes from time to time, with these cheeky little treats guaranteeing you sizeable deposit bonuses. In the long-term there are also 50% redeposit bonuses for £10 or more. Wink has a vast selection of deposit methods, taking in VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Ukash, paysafecard and a number of others.

Wink at the Games
Wink Bingo has lots of dedicated online bingo rooms for 75 and 90-ball bingo. All you need to do to find them by going to the relevant tabs in the Bingo Lobby. You can also find free bingo and pre-buy jackpots, with the later seeing games take place at least once a day. There are lots of fun slots games as well as other instant win games, but it’s the progressive jackpots that you will really fall for. Piggy Payout, Fluffy Favourites, Wu-Shi Lion Dance and £10k Wink Bingo are all progressive slots that are worth a few spins.

Wink at the Promos
The most popular type of promotion at Wink Bingo will see you completing a list of actions with the purpose of earning free entry into prize games a few weeks down the line. Completing the actions gives you lots of fun challenges and the prize games are always very lucrative. At you can also find cool regular promotions like team bingo, free bingo, instant win tourneys and plenty more besides. The Joy Gem VIP Club is the loyalty scheme and this can unlock treats such as special bonuses, VIP promos and more.

Bingo Hollywood

As you would hope, Bingo Hollywood is a bright and star-studded affair packed with lots of online bingo treats for you to consume. The site is powered by Dragonfish and is part of the Bingo Stars network. In terms of the vibe, the site has cultivated one that encourages girls to have fun. Hunks are frequently referenced and the prizes in the bingo promotions are frequently geared towards female players. From the moment you arrive at the site it will roll out the red carpet for you (or should we say pink).

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Red Carpet Bonuses
Bingo Hollywood has gone for simple but effective welcome bonus where players deposit only a fiver and then see this sum bumped up to £20. Compared to other sites, 300% is certainly a lot for a welcome bonus, but a very nice one nonetheless. The bonuses will continue to arrive like a who’s who of online bingo starlets. For instance, invite a friend to join and this could earn you a £5 bonus. Another great source of bonus funds is to go and play in lots of chat games.

Deposit in Hollywood
Getting started won’t present any difficulties because you get a brought range of payment methods to choose from, encompassing paysafecard, Neteller, PayPal, EntroPay, Ukash and major credit/debit cards.

Glittering Games
Bingo Hollywood has its very own Bingo Lobby, which is definitely a rarity among Dragonfish sites. In here you can find 90-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms along with free bingo and jackpots. All of the room choices are presented as film reels or cinema ticket stubs, which is a pretty cool touch to add.

Hollywood in an Instant
You don’t have to wait for a bingo games to start when you’re at BingoHollywood. I mean, why wait when you can win big in an instant? Look within the ‘Arcade’ and ‘Slots’ categories to find plenty of options. What is particularly impressive is that BingoHollywood even has its own slot game for you play.

Promos Go to Hollywood
Another award-winner of the site is that it has separate bingo promotions from the ones on the Dragonfish network, and when we say separate we mean completely separate. Bingo Hollywood will keep you going with regular choices like Team Bingo, Super Star of the day and Manic Monday, with these being the main stars to see. There are also some special bingo promotions arranged for when a new month starts, so definitely check back for these.

Bingo Street

Where the other Joy of Bingo sites have developed elaborate bingo lobbies, so does Bingo Street. The site has developed a massive cartoon street that lets players navigate. A nifty feature is that players fill in the street with different shops depending on which of the tabs they click at the bottom of the screen.

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Bingo Games
All counted, has 19 bingo rooms open as of 2013. There are some spaces for rooms that have not just been created yet, so it’s worth looking out for new additions. Among the main sections for rooms are the Bingo Hall, Penny Stretcher, Superbingomarket, Joy and VIP. The Superbingomarket is home to some of the most exciting daily and weekly games of bingo online. Bingo Street has more varied games of bingo than some other Joy of Bingo Sites, bringing you 75 ball and 90 ball along with 5 Line Bingo. In the last of those there are five line prizes and it is possible to win vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Large Choice of Instants
Bingo Street also has a lot more instant games than some of its fellow network sites. When you go to instant games you get to a diverse range of categories that lists by genre, as opposed to just slots, scratchcards or casino games.

Moving in Gift
When you first make the move to Bingo Street, you can take a 200% welcome bonus to help get you on your feet. Deposit at least £5 to claim the welcome bonus and then you will get a free turn for Shake the Signpost. In this mini game you can get extra bonus bingo funds worth between £0.50 and £5. All future deposits will give you a bonus of at least 50%, maybe even more depending on your level in the Joy Gem VIP Club. You can also refer friends to Bingo Street for 15,000 Joy Points per success.

Regular Promos
BingoStreet keeps all bingo promotions on the same pages of the site, which is a good idea for simplicity. It is not necessarily the most active bingo online site when it comes to special promos, but there are plenty of regulars to enjoy. For instance, Buddy Bingo is great for bringing players together. There are plenty of cheap regulars as well as pre-buy jackpot bingo games.

Deposit Methods
There are a number of different payment methods that are not solely limited to debit and credit cards. You can instead opt to play it safe and use PayPal, Thwate, Neteller or Paysafecard.

Bingo On the Box

Bingo sites love to offer you some of the greatest bonuses and treats that they possibly can, but whilst one site offers a 100% cash match welcome bonus another one offers 150%. Where one site offers a free no deposit £5 to reel you in, another offers £10 or £15! Online bingo is a very competitive game and not just for you bingo lovers – all sites love to try and out-do each other to win your attention by offering bigger and better deals on a more frequent basis. So with such a load of excellent bingo sites all offering massive treats and reasons to join, how in the world do you pick the very best one? The answer is simple: bingo site reviews!
That’s right – a good bingo site review offers potential players the chance to get a good feel of the sites before they even have to click on the site itself. We here at ‘Where to Play Bingo’ dedicated a lot of time and effort to bringing you correct and concise bingo reviews so that you can gather all the information you need about one particular site, compare it to reviews of other bingo sites and decide which one you fancy taking the next step with. Of course you could always head off to an online bingo site and decide for yourself whether or not you want to join but the only way to know for sure is to lay the games, and not all bingo sites offer a free no deposit bonus! Unless you want to have to splash your very own cash at every site that takes your fancy, you need a site like us to tell you all about them!

Before we even construct a bingo site review, we first have to decide whether or not we think the site is good enough for you lot in the first place! We don’t just lead you to any old bingo site – we have a reputation to uphold! We only want to have you joining the cream of the crop, which is why this is precisely what you will find when you peruse our pages! So what do WE look for before we construct our review?

•Bingo Bonuses – we would never have you joining a site that doesn’t offer a fantastic bunch of bonuses! Whether it’s a top no deposit bonus or a smashing cash match welcome bonus, we know that the best online bingo sites offer bonuses. No bonuses, no go!

•Excellent Games – of course there is no point in scooping epic bonuses if the bingo sites don’t have terrific games collection for you to actually splash your cash on! This is why we offer only the sites with awesome games, too.

•Jackpots – similarly, we wouldn’t direct you to a site that didn’t offer smashing jackpots – after all, that’s what online bingo is all about!

•Regular Promotions – there is nothing worse than heading to bingo sites and seeing the same old promotions or – worse still – out of date promotions! This is why we make sure that a bingo site offers a terrific bunch of regularly refreshed treats before we even think about creating bingo site reviews!

Once we have a site that meets all of these tough credentials, only then will we create bingo site reviews just for you to have a good look at what you can expect, with a view that you make an educated decision about the site you wish to join!

Caesars Bingo

Caesar is one of the most iconic words in existence with it first used to signify Roman Emperors. The name went on to become synonymous with Las Vegas due to the founding of the Caesars Casino brand. Market-Ace then went to Caesars and obtained the license to set up an online bingo site for them – and hey presto…now we have Caesars Bingo!

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Hail the Bonuses
The most popular Caesars from ancient times were the ones that were good to their people. Caesars Bingo seems to have taken this pearl of wisdom on board because the site offers all new players the chance to claim a 200% welcome bonus worth up to £400. After these funds are used up, you can get a helping hand to get back on your feet. Caesars will let you claim a 50% reload bonus up to a maximum value of £100. There are yet more bonus funds to claim with Caesars Bingo willing to pay you £10 for referring a friend to join.

Join the Empire
Players impressed by the staple diet of bingo bonuses in the Caesars Bingo empire would be wise to join soon. All it takes is to choose a payment method from VISA, MasterCard or Ukash and then the games can be played.

Caesars Gives You Games
At Caesars Bingo you have the staple Market-Ace choices of Bingo 90 and Bingo 75, which are also found at the other sites on the network. There aren’t any crazy bingo game variants but there will be enough jackpots to excite you. What is great about signing up with is that you will have access to lots of slots and casino games. Market-Ace is owned by developers Gamesys, so that should convince you of the selection available. Hot Gamesys titles available include Wonderland, Deal or No Deal, Tiki Temple and Bejeweled Hypercash.

Promo Choices
Caesars Bingo won’t blow you away with the core bingo promotions. Available for your choice are just free bingo, BOGOF bingo and linked games. The linked games are definitely the best of the regulars because they give away thousands of pounds in bingo jackpots. Lastly, every couple of months the site will arrange a huge special promotion that makes the quiet times all worth it. In the past, some winning players of the bingo promotions have been sent off to the Caesars Palace casinos situated in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. These frequently challenge you to play your way into the prize draws to win the grand trips, which is very engaging.

Sun Bingo

There been a couple of popular brand names from the British press that have tried to make the transition to online bingo site, but Sun Bingo represents one of the biggest success stories. The catalyst being the success of The Sun was that Market-Ace is the network that represents it and Gamesys provide the software. The input of these two quality organisations created a recipe for success.

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Front Page Bonuses
The front page is where you start with any good newspaper, so that’s why we begin with bonuses. Sun Bingo players are encouraged to make a first deposit of £10 in order to receive a bingo bonus of £20. SunBingo’s 200% welcome bonus leads to players getting to fill their accounts with £30 for the cost of £10. The Sun newspaper is one that is renowned for great value and its bingo site should be, too. Bingo bonuses can be claimed after this, due to the presence of a £10 Refer a Friend bonus and 50% reload bonus.

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Players will need to make a first deposit bonus to get the use of The site will let players choose their form of payment method from MasterCard and VISA variants as well as Ukash.

Games Worthy of Your Attention
SunBingo can give you a more diverse experience than most bingo sites. We are delighted to inform you that they have Bingo 80 as well as Bingo 90 and Bingo 75. It can be difficult at times to find a site that can give you 80-ball, but can be just that location for you. This excellence continues on into the slots games, we are happy to report. Gamesys has developed Winning Headlines and Mystic Meg especially for Sun Bingo, helping to add authenticity. Naturally you have lots of other Gamesys instant games to choose from across slots, scratch cards and casino games.

Headline Promotions
Some of the Market-Ace sites can get forgotten about and end up lacking in fresh bingo promotions. Thankfully, Sun Bingo is not one of those sites to feel sorry for. Sun Bingo has lots of different bingo promotions and perhaps one of the best regular schedules you could find. For instance, they have Breakfast Club, Wednesday Prize Pick, £5k at 5pm, 100 Club, Session Bingo and more. Outside of the regulars you will find specially-created promos appearing during the different seasons of the year. In 2012, the biggest flurry in promo activity definitely came in the summertime, with lots of cool prizes given away – some even won holidays.

Dream Bingo

Dream Bingo is a rare gem within the online bingo world. They don’t just focus their energy on bringing us all the greatest bingo gaming and bingo bonuses, they also make sure that they are packed to the brim with some of the most amazing slot games that we have ever seen. Powered by Microgaming, they have the awards to prove that they are the very best of the best, but that isn’t even the best part. DreamBingo is packed to the gunnels with incredible jackpots, and some of them are even progressive!

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Bingo Games
It has to be said that dream bingo UK players are loving the action on offer thanks to the 90 ball and 75 ball bingo wonders that cater to all fans. There are 5 great bingo rooms, 4 of which hold a massive progressive jackpot as well as the prize pot on offer, and you rarely have to pay for than 10p to take part in the excellent daily bingo staples.

Instant Games and Slots
Bingo Dream really do have something to be proud of when it comes to their slot and instant games. There is an absolutely massive games lobby truly packed with action, be it the stellar 128 slot games or the kooky collection of scratchies – of which there are 31 – or the “More Fun” games that are so unique they don’t even fit into a particular category!

There are oodles of great free bingo treats on offer. DreamBingo starts you off with a free no deposit bonus of £15 and once this is gone they quadruple your cash with their absolutely massive 300% welcome bonus, followed by 50% reload bonuses. They don’t stop there – they dish out free bingo bonuses just for doing things like Liking them on Facebook and referring a friend for which you will bag £10! There is also a fantastic bunch of free bingo games on offer running all day, every day.

The best treats on offer at dream bingo UK have to be the sheer amount of excellent jackpots. Held each and every single day, you have the chance to score £50 in the Daily Nifty Fifty game and every single month there are 2 incredible jackpots on offer: £1,500 and a whopping £10K.

Depositing with Dream Bingo
You can make your deposits with Bingo Dream via credit or debit card or Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Paysafecard, EcoCard, Entropay and oodles more